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Tech Entreprenuers 101

First question that needs answering is, 'what exactly is an entrepreneur?

You know what that means so why ask a question you already know the answer to? True, everyone now associates entrepreneur as someone who had decided to free themselves of a corporate slave life and went for it and made themselves their own businesses.

So why don't we take a few moments to read about what an entrepreneur truly is before you jump right in to those who have made an impact in the tech industry. In recent years, many professions have claimed ownership over the title of entrepreneur: Founder, business owner, inventor, creative, CEO, director, developer, partner, chairperson, and many others. Visit the official site for more information about international speaker

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Can we all agree that to some degree each of them do share an entrepreneurial trait correct? However, there is a problem with that analogy because a startup founder can never be in the same category as a business owner nor is he or she in the same league as an inventor with IP or patent but has no business.

The problem there is that if we want to be an entrepreneur ourselves, we research and do our homework but lose focus on what we should be looking at in the first place. You can read more about tech entrepreneur at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entrepreneurship.